Sharon Goff

Sharon Goff


Sharon Goff is a mother, friend, teacher, caregiver, and chauffeur. She loves serving others and going out of her way to put a smile on some ones face. She loves spending time with her family by going for rides or going to the park or going swimming to the rec center. She loves to go to her children’s school programs and going on family vacations during the summer breaks. She loves spending one on one time with each of her children.

Sharon Goff was born in Provo, Utah to Alan and Gisela Christopherson. Sharon is the middle of 11 children. She grew up in Utah most of her life and graduated from Mountain View High School and UVU. Sharon met her husband Timothy Michael Goff while going to college. They were married in 1994. Sharon and her husband have 5 children – three adopted, one of whom has special needs.


Philosophy on Parenting

Treat each child as though she or he already is the person she or he is capable of becoming. Everyone needs a Parent whether it is a biological parent or an adoptive parent. A parent is there to love and care for a child to help them with their Physical, mental and emotional needs. Children look up to parents as good role models. Children need tons of attention and positive praises every day.


Being a Mother Has Impacted My Life

I realize that I don’t have to be perfect and it’s ok to make mistakes. Becoming a mother is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I was the middle child of 11 children and my mother was always there to love mad and I always have wanted my kids to have the same love my mom showed me. There was a lady that came and rang my doorbell and just started to cry and told me that I was an angel and that she wanted to be like me. She told me that she was driving home from work one day and told me that she had the worst day ever and she was mad until she saw me and I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she explained to me that while she was driving home from work she saw a child run into the street to get a ball and then she saw the mother of this child yelling and spanking her child while yanking him into the house. She then explained that she was coming near my house that my child ran into the road and that I went to get my child and I knelt down and hugged my child and that I carried him into the house. She said that I touched her heart and that she wanted to be like me and knew that I loved my child. She told me that I reminded her of her own mother who passed away. I told her my mother also passed away. I always wanted to be like my mom to show my love and to be there for my children.



Sharon and her husband both have volunteered for the crisis line. It’s a hotline where people can call to get immediate emergency help when people are dealing with emotional crisis 24 hours a day.

Sharon has been a foster parent for 15 years which has been a blessing to be able to care for a child in need and to love them. She started to be a foster parent when an old high school friend was struggling to care for her child and asked her to help her out. It turned out that she was able to help save this girl’s life. Now they are teenagers living healthy and happy lives with their grandparents.

Sharon also helped with Orem City in volunteering for the summer fest. She organized the baby contest and worked with a team of volunteers. It turned out to be a successful event.