ShaReece Barney

ShaReece Barney


ShaReece Barney is the amazing mother of three children – one daughter and two sons, plus she has ten grandchildren. All family members live in the Richfield are so they gather in her home every Sunday evening for Family Time. The grandchildren plan and participate in the lessons, songs and activities.

ShaReece and her husband Scott work together as owner of Barney Outdoor Outfitters, a retail store that fosters family time together. She has been awarded Instructor of the Year in the Hunter Education program which is a state approved program that teaches firearm safety and hunting.

She has also been a foster parent, involved in many community activities – PTA, Miss Richfield Pageant Committee, and assistant director and choreographer for school plays and musicals, among other things. ShaReece has served people of all ages, but she loves working with teenagers and has traveled with them as a chaperon.


Philosophy on Parenting

Scott and ShaReece Barney and Family

Few things in life bring greater fulfillment than being a mother and parent. A mother helps children realize their potential as they discover their God-given talents, gifts, and abilities. Nurturing and teaching by example character traits of kindness, integrity, patience, self-control, and love are attributes worth our best effort.

Kindness is serving others and being gentle with ourselves in disappointment. Integrity is being truthful and always finishing what is started. Patience takes the toxicity out of differences. Self-control is an attitude of self-respect and not trading true worth for things of the moment. Love is unselfish and doesn’t wait for something in return. Love brings a place of refuge, a place where happiness can be though trials are certain.

The impact of a mother’s influence is evident through generations. Continuing that legacy and emulating those examples are of great importance to me.


Scott and ShaReece Barney

Impact of Motherhood on my Life

Motherhood has brought a basket full of blessings, some disguised as challenges, but all have molded the person I am today. When compliments are kindly given, my voice says, ‘thank you’, but I know in my heart that I am only a reflection of the influences that have shaped who I am. One was my own mother, who taught me the joy that serving others brings. She was quiet and gracious, but her example to me spoke loudly about the influence of a woman and mother.

As our children were born and we held each one for the first time, my desire for them then and even now, is to know how much they are loved and that they have value. Watching them with their own children, our grandchildren, as we gather each week, brings such a warmth to my heart.

Everyday I say to myself, “Love like there’s no tomorrow”. I feel that love returned to me, especially from my sweetheart, and as the years go by and those I have been able to work with and serve continue the legacy of a woman’s influence, I thank God for them and all they will contribute.



  1. I volunteer as an area coordinator and teacher for Hunter Education, a state approved curriculum, that teaches students safe firearm handling, not only while hunting, but also safe firearm handling in the home. The class also discusses ethical behaviors, obeying all laws, and using resources wisely. I encourage parents to attend with their children. The age of the students ranges from 9 to 50, so having adult students is common. Mothers have felt comfortable taking my class because of the emphasis on gun safety in the home as they recognize that I am also a mother that shares their concerns. I have been awarded Instructor of the Year for the Southern Utah Region.
  2. I have been a talent coach for the Miss Richfield Pageant helping the contestants build confidence in themselves and feel comfortable with their presentations. I helped the contestants write their short biographies that were presented during the pageant encouraging them to realize the qualities and potential they have as they share their goals and aspirations.
  3. I have been a leader of the youth in our congregation. With that opportunity I have organized and participated in county-wide youth conferences where we performed service projects, including helping aged residents with their yard work, cleaning city parks, and helping prepare our Native American Residential Hall for students who attend school here. The conferences would also include classes or seminars for the youth. Some were for self-improvement and some were just for fun and getting acquainted with one another. I have also organized four to five day camping trips for the young women in our church. At these camps they would experience beautiful mountain scenery, learn outdoor skills and teamwork, but the emphasis was to help them in learning their true worth and identity- all they could become and contribute in their lives as women and mothers.