Deanna Porter

Deanna Porter


Deanna met her husband at Murray High School and following their marriage graduated from BYU five weeks after having their second baby. Deanna experienced the loss of her sweet mother soon after her third son was born. Upon her husband’s graduation from medical school, she found herself immersed in the full-time job of raising boys! Three years later after residency graduation, her life was filled to the brim with four boys under the age of 8. Baseball, sewing, soccer, homework, preschool, piano lessons, church callings, PTA, and gardening, filled every waking hour. Adding two more children completed their family, stretched the limits of her mothering abilities, and shortened the nights. Deanna has four grandchildren and spends her days in the service of others. For her, the journey of motherhood is found in rocking, reading, singing, sharing, cheering, coaching, crying, learning, laughing, praying, and one more day to try again.



Being a parent is the most important responsibility of our lifetimes.  One thing must be constant: being a parent comes first.  Success in our society depends greatly on what happens in our homes where love conquers all, little things matter most, and tomorrow is a new day. Motherhood today is too often viewed as an afterthought behind education or a career.  Being a mother is what God gave us time for, it is not a hobby, but life in its fullest.

Parenting happens when it is not convenient.  We must be accessible.  Late night chats with teenagers, reading stories when you’re falling asleep, and tender teaching moments may not always be convenient.  Encouraging children to do hard things and allowing them to fail if necessary will help produce resiliency.  There is no way to be perfect parent but a million ways to do your best.



Being a mother is who I am; it is my identity, my name badge, and my comfort zone. From the moment I had by first son, motherhood became my life and career; the one career for which all other careers exist.  Motherhood fills the pages of my calendar with lunch dates, birthday parties, youth activities, transportation, piano lessons, homework projects, PTA meetings, athletic events, doctor appointments, catering, paying bills and being “there”.  Being a mother to my children, I contribute to society in the most fundamental and profound way.  Motherhood has developed my character and enriched my days.  It is the education of a lifetime. Being a Mother teaches patience, perseverance, my purpose here on earth, and connects me to heaving by bringing me to my knees. My name is Deanna Porter, I am a mother, I know it, I live it, and I love it!



Since moving to Ogden I have been involved with the Weber County Medical Alliance.  The alliance has organized a singing group called the Heartbeats.  I have been a member for 24 years singing, conducting, organizing and playing the piano.  Its purpose is to entertain and uplift the spirits of those who live in assisted living and nursing homes during the Christmas season.  Even though performing 17 times during the busy Holiday season stretches our tight schedules it truly is the essence of Christmas.  Many times while singing I have witnessed tears in the eyes of those for whom we perform.  Even though their bodies may be weak and their minds dimmed, music has a way to bring true joy into their hearts.

I have enjoyed working with the Ogden Youth Symphony Guild.  This organization promotes love of the arts in our local community.  I performed tasks such as organizing and maintaining concessions, recruiting youth to join the organization and teaching the youth about their responsibilities.  Youth today are amazing and so willing to serve.

I have also worked with  young people:  With the Cub Scouts I planned pack meetings, Pinewood Derby races, and tying 6 quilts with eager scouts to learn how to tie a square knot while making quilts to take to the YMCA.  I served with young and adult women to help discern and meet their needs and to help strengthen them and their roles as women.