The Power of One — YOU!

The Power of One. How many times have you heard that phrase? Then you think – that doesn’t apply to me! But it does.

You are the power within your home to make things happen, to influence and guide your children. That is the most important “power” that you have. In the process you impact the friends of your children and their parents. If you don’t have children, you influence family members, friends, and associates.

Do you volunteer at school? Do you go to work? Are you married? The list goes on and on about the power you have as an individual, friend, neighbor, co-worker, business owner, sister, wife, mother, etc. You just need to give yourself some credit, value your unique talents and gifts, and enjoy the journey you are on!

Utah Mothers will be recognizing 13 women who don’t think they have done anything spectacular, but they have impacted many people in their lives.

We will also be presenting the Honorary Utah Mother of Achievement to Pamela Atkinson for her service to her community in helping the homeless, disadvantaged, and refugees. She said that she has followed her heart and did what she felt she should do – nothing spectacular in her mind – but it changed the lives of thousands

This article was written by Deanne Taylor, President of Utah Mothers Association

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