Nadine Milham

Nadine Milham is the second vice president of Utah Mothers Association.  She has multiple Bachelor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees in the

Honoring Pamela Atkinson (center) as 2017 Utah Honorary Mother of Achievement with Nadine Milham (left) and Deanne Taylor

following fields; Sociology, Mental Health Therapy, Alcohol and Drug Therapy, Political Science and Play Therapy. Over the past fourteen years Nadine has helped start and develop multiple technology based companies ranging in size from a few to hundreds of employees. Over the past twenty years she has worked in the private banking sector as the managing director of diverse estates. Nadine has been married to Donald for 15 years, and they are the parents of four children and one foster daughter.

She is an active member of her community. She has been a board member of a local charter school. She currently is on the committee for Steel Days and on the Parks and Recreation Committee for American Fork City, Utah. She has also been instrumental in planning numerous family focused events in the community with Family Watch International, American Mothers Inc., and other non-profit organizations. She also assists several local PTAs with organizing carnivals and other special events for their schools. Currently she is 2nd Vice President of Utah Mothers Association.

In spite of all the great things she has done locally, her passion for the past several years has been reuniting and placing displaced orphans in Uganda, Mozambique and Kenya. For her, reunifying families and finding positive permanent homes for displaced children is a rewarding experience. She has worked with USAID, United Nations NGOs, plus state and local governments for a positive outcome for the children for whom she advocates