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How do we honor those most important to us, our mothers? We have a day that honors them. This day commonly features breakfast items and a card. We also give them gifts and found organizations focused on honoring Mothers and the work they do (like American Mothers).

Nadine and her mother, Sharon Flyge, wishing all of you a very enjoyable Mother’s Day1

I am not a huge fan of Mother’s Day. I am kinda scared of most things my children cook. I don’t like flowers or candy. That leaves me in a bad mood, stuck in a holiday rut on what is nationally recognized as “my day”. One Mother’s Day, a few years ago, I decided to write a letter to my children and my husband about why I’m grateful they made me a mom. This has changed my attitude about Mother’s Day and started a tradition for my family. I believe that honoring is best done with giving it a voice; saying thank you, giving acknowledgement to what we are experiencing and by doing that it adds value.

Yes, I still have to carry on with the strange concoction of eggs and toast and peanut butter usually mixed. But, now I have learned that I get something better by saying thank you to my little men for choosing me as their mom.

As a mom I think we all struggle a little with allowing others to say thank you. We need to get over that. It’s ok to have our moments in the sun. Our moments of people saying: “Job well done!” and “Thank you!” That happens in every career why shouldn’t it happen in the career that more people on the planet occupy than any other that of motherhood.

Thank you to Nadine Milham for sharing her thoughts on Mother’s Day. Nadine is the 2nd Vice President of Utah Mothers Association.

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3 thoughts on “How One Mother Handles Mother’s Day

  • Deanne Taylor Post author

    I love this article! Many times we forget to give gratitude for being a mother. Often we spend more time on a “taking a guilt trip” because we don’t accomplish everything on our lists that we think are the criteria for a “perfect” mom. I agree with Nadine that my Mother’s Days have become much more enjoyable as I have learned to appreciate my family for who they are.

    Oh, it was very difficult for me in the early years of motherhood because I anticipated (expected?) my children to treat me differently (or act more responsibly) on Mother’s Day. After all, they were honoring me and of course they would be on their best behavior ALL day! But as soon as the breakfast was over (leaving all the dishes behind) and the gifts were presented, they were finished and had done all that was required of them (short attention span!). Then the day became like any other. It took me many years to truly appreciate my special day.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all! Relish the privilege it is to be a mother and enjoy the accolades for even just a few minutes. Then you can bask in the feelings of gratitude and the joy of being blessed to be a mother.