Margo Allred

Margo Allred


Margo grew up in Copperton, Utah, 4th in a family of 7 girls and 1 boy. She was a dedicated student, member of drill team and served as yearbook editor during her senior year. She attended Brigham Young University and worked as a secretary. There she met and married Daren Allred. They are the parents of 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. They built a home in Riverton and later in Layton where they raised their children.

Margo has dealt with health challenges. She had two life threatening illnesses, myocarditis, a virus to the heart, and peritonitis, a severe strep infection. Her greatest physical challenge has been 35 years of chronic migraine headaches.

Margo has served in her church as a leader and teacher in children’s and women’s organizations at various levels. Margo is grandmother of
15 grandchildren including 3 sets of twins.


Philosophy on Parenting

Parents should teach their children right from wrong, how to work hard, have high moral values and build strong relationships with family and neighbors. This will enable them to become productive, happy adults that contribute to their family and the community.

Parents should help their children to see their value and potential through nurturing, guidance and love. They provide opportunities for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and encourage the developing of talents in a safe and loving environment.

Parents should discipline children as needed with love and consistency and accept their individual differences and love them despite what they do. A parent’s job is never done. Even when children become adults, parents should encourage and help in times of need. I have loved the challenge of being a parent and have found it very rewarding.


Ways being a mother has impacted my life

Being a mother has made my capacity to love grow immensely. It has taught me patience over and over again. It has taught me that I can do much more than I thought possible. It has stretched my capacity functioning on little or no sleep, continuing on when I’m sick or in pain because others need me.

It has taught me optimism and cheerfulness. Cheering up a discouraged child. Looking for the good in my children. Encouraging my married
daughter who is at wits end.

It has taught me faith and trust. Faith and trust that Heavenly Father is watching over us. Trusting in my children to make good choices and do
their best.

It has made me more than myself. I need to be the best I can for them.

It has taught me what is most important in life: family, relationships, doing what is right, kindness, dependability and being there for others.
It has brought me my greatest joys, my greatest sorrows, my greatest fulfillment, my greatest worries.

Being a mom has been the most life altering and impactful experience of my life. I wouldn’t be the same without it.



In 2015 the conference theme was “Willing Hands”. We invited a local artist to come as a guest speaker and then broke into several workshops, one of them was a service project. Our service committee requested donations from the women for two months in advance of our conference. We asked the committee to find needs in our local area. At the conference the women cut the edges for 80 fleece blankets which were then donated to local agencies and schools.

In addition to blankets we had large donations of hygiene kits prepared for homeless teens and high schools. We prepared “after school” food bags for Title 1 schools. We donated clothing and blankets for specific elementary schools in need. Boxes of books were donated to Title 1 schools. Food, blankets, home supplies and miscellaneous donations were also sent to the Safe Harbor Women’s Shelter and the Ogden Rescue Mission.

In 2016 we asked each area to organize a service project to assist the needs of the women and families in their area.

Another project was to invite senior citizens (65 and older) from our area to attend a luncheon. We prepared a program to honor them. I feel it is important to recognize those who have done so much for our community and to show gratitude to those around us.