Cynthia Allen

Cindy Allen


Cindy Allen – Married at 18, widowed with 4 children at 24, remarried at 26 adding 4 more children, Then had 4 more, raised 9 boys and 3 girls, Joy Schools, Cub Scouts, Eagle Scouts, Young Women’s, Family nights, Scriptures, Family prayers, camping trips, milking cows, gardening, canning, horses, 4-H, karate, Gymnastics, loved sports, Soccer, Volleyball, boating, became a Grandmother at 33, (and had a baby that year also); completed a Nursing Degree, started 2 businesses – Alertline and Specialty Nursing Services by 44 yrs old, helped kids through college, 28 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren later – runs a Hobby Farm for kids to learn, hosting Scout and Young Women’s camps, Ogden Valley CERT Program, Twice a RS president, Grandmother, mom, planning service projects with the family, working to bring the community together, Lending a helping hand to the Monastery, taking care of the Elderly in their homes.


Philosophy on Parenting

Love God, Learn how He does it and do the same.  If frustrated turn to God in prayer and read the instruction book,  Pray for guidance and gather your family in prayer and scripture study.  Let them know there is more than this world and that God is near and will help them in their journey.  Love them, teach them, help them see the miracles in their lives. Teach them there is consequences for their actions, and that if they will live so they have the holy spirit with them always, they will never go astray and will be happy.  Always be happy, positive.  Remember ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING so choose a good one.  DO GOOD and BE GOOD.  Teach your children correct principles and help them develop their own self-discipline.  Be patient, they will not be perfect and will make mistakes, but still love them and set a good example.


Ways in Which Parenting Has Impacted My Life

Parenting is the life I chose.  The greatest thing we can do is to spend our life for something that will outlast it.  There is no greater calling than to raise the next generation to love and serve God, Family and Country.   I had a mother and father that taught me many foundational principles that impacted my life in a big way.  They taught me the importance of work, self-discipline, education, doing your best, to search after God and find Him, to serve others, be self-reliant, and never go into debt.  They taught me to be frugal and be provident.  I carried that into the home I established for my family.  I learned that they were very wise, and I found out that in trying to learn parenting, I had a lot to learn!  You always feel you fall short.  Once in a while, you have a great moment of seeing the light go on in one of your kids heads which brings immeasurable joy; and then there are times you do not think your child will ever “get it.”    I don’t know how God does it,  but he still loves us, no matter what!  So,  I still love them, no matter what!  I have learned to walk by Faith, and do what God tells me to do.

Someday, everything will make perfect sense – but not right now!



I have always been active in how to provide for my family and make ends meet. I have spent most of my life learning how to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. This has led me into helping with the CERT Emergency Preparedness program.

My goal was to bring the whole community together, working together. I assigned team leaders, got emergency information on people, set up an emergency plan for our area. I wrote a Community Newsletter every month on what was happening and Community activities.. We have an Annual Garden Party now where we meet for breakfast, exchange perennials, and go plant flowers at the Monastery. We have a Garden Goodie Cart where neighbors bring their extra garden produce, and people can come and get some produce.

My philosophy was that if we start working with each other now, then when there is a disaster, we will already know what to do and no one will panic. It changes the whole feeling in a community. We have encouraged people to be as self-reliant as possible, such as, getting a few chickens, growing a garden, milking goats. We have ladies that make soap, shampoos, cleaning products from scratch, etc. It is a lot of fun! We have SO many resources for people to go to. It has been very rewarding.

I started a Home Health business 20 years ago, where we take care of people’s health needs in their homes. I have 30 employees, and have an average census of between 70-80 patients. I have a different business plan than other agencies that is based on the philosophy that if everything is planned for each patient at the Start of Care, everything will go right from there on – and it does work! The Care plan is individualized to each patient.