How do we honor those most important to us, our mothers? We have a day that honors them. This day commonly features breakfast items and a card. We also give them gifts and found organizations focused on honoring Mothers and the work they do (like American Mothers). I am not […]

How One Mother Handles Mother’s Day

There is nothing that fills me with more hope than Springtime.  The cold dark winter is left behind and the light and life of Spring emerges.  No matter how bleak the winter, the minute I see the first green shoots of a crocus I am filled with cheer when I […]

Hope Springs Eternal

In family relationships, love and connection are the goals.   Recently, I was listening to my good friend tell me about some challenges in her relationship with her mother-in-law. Their personalities are distinctly opposite and sometimes friction arises or there is unspoken tension. Over the decades, we have shared this conversation […]

Love and Connection