In family relationships, love and connection are the goals.   Recently, I was listening to my good friend tell me about some challenges in her relationship with her mother-in-law. Their personalities are distinctly opposite and sometimes friction arises or there is unspoken tension. Over the decades, we have shared this conversation […]

Love and Connection

Early in life we are taught to honor and respect our mothers by being obedient.  After all, they work hard for us in so many ways – making meals, cleaning the house, washing clothes, driving us to events, helping us with school work, working to provide for us, teaching us […]

How Do We Honor Mothers?

The Power of One. How many times have you heard that phrase? Then you think – that doesn’t apply to me! But it does. You are the power within your home to make things happen, to influence and guide your children. That is the most important “power” that you have. […]

The Power of One — YOU!

I grew up in a home without many traditions. Both of my parents married three different times and things were always changing in my young world. My husband’s family has traditions that date back before he was even born (i.e. seeing the Ballet West Nutcracker for 43 years and counting…no, […]

Why is it tradition to have traditions?

Mothers are serving all the time – families, neighbors, schools, community. It seems like that is all we do. What are your thoughts on service and how do you serve others? Should service be deliberate and planned? Should we involve our children in service activities? How can we balance service […]

How can we Serve Others as busy mothers?